Vacation in the Pskov Region

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Vesnebolog is a Must-Visit Stopover Point for Foreigners and Russian Residents

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Vesnebolog Relaxing Vacation

Vacation in the Pskov Region

The Unspoilt Nature
of Real Russia!

Vesnebolog is a must-visit stopover point for foreigners and Russian residents who want to experience pristine wilderness of the Russian land untouched by the cities and witness the wonders of this place for themselves.

This is the perfect place to unclutter your mind and absorb the unbounded powerful energy of the Russian land and the lake’s life-giving water in the languid rhythm of natural wilderness. On top of all this, there is also a forest near the lake where you will find lots of mushrooms!

We invite all Vesnebolog visitors to a rendezvous with this astonishing lake! What is more, the top-notch bathing complex that uses clear Vesnebolog lake water with all its unique characteristics and restoring properties is at your disposal.

Lake Vesnebolog will help you stay healthy and prolong your youth!

Recreation Center "Vesnebolog"

The Pskov region falls into the category of the most eco-friendly territories in our country. Pustoshkinsky district, the land of a “1000 lakes”, is best known for its clear, heady air, magnificent nature, and the clearest lakes. All of those things attract tourists to this very place. The camp’s natural surroundings provide the perfect conditions for improving one’s health. Around the forest, the relict purest lake filled with fish creates a special microclimate. What makes this place unique is its distance from production facilities, federal roads and everything else that pollutes and makes noise, so that nothing distracts you from experiencing the beauty of this unspoilt nature.

On Site You will Find:

  • Campground with 40 spots for campers and tents, 90 sq.m each.
  • The “Vremena Goda” (Four Seasons) Restaurant
  • 16-Room Hotel
  • VIP Russian Banya
  • Coupled with a beautiful lake, ideal for fishing, mushroom forests, children's play areas, sports grounds and a summer cafe.
We would like to thank our guests for the high ratings of “Vesnebolog” Recreation Center and Camping. Being honored with the “Guest Review Awards 2017” is an excellent symbol of our achievements!

Equipped Campsite

“Vesnebolog” is a full-on campsite that was built following the rules of classic European campsites with all the amenities and services necessary for the reception of guests. The campsite is well-guarded and fenced.

There is an equipped summer campground for autotourists right on the lake shore with space for putting up tents or tiny houses.

“Vesnebolog” recreation center meets the CPIV international standard requirements for campsite construction.

40 Pitches of
90 sq.m each
Personal Tap
with Cold Water
A Place for
Gray Water Disposal

Accommodation Rates per Day:


10 €


5 €

(4-12 years old)

3 €

Child under
4 years old

0 €

Every 4th day is free of charge

for adults and children!

3-time meals are available for 16 euros/day


A Hotel and a Hostel

One of the requirements of a true campsite is the ability to provide accommodation slightly more comfortable than a tent. For those who want to stay in a comfortable lodging on the premises of the “Vesnebolog” center there is a hotel and a hostel to choose from. All rooms meet up-to-date requirements and are kept clean. If necessary, you can accommodate additional guests, seeing that each room has additional beds in the form of air mattresses.

Each Room Comes with:

Toilet and Shower
on Each Floor

Accommodation Rates per day:

Single room

20 €

Double room

35 €

Double Junior Suite

39 €

Double Suite

47 €

Hostel Bed

8 €

We offer discounts

for long-term stay!

3-time meals are available for 16 euros/day


Restaurant-Usadba “Vremena Goda”

The “Vremena Goda” (Four Seasons) restaurant-usadba is an ideal place for memorable occasions! Three floors will fit in all newcomers, and a second-floor balcony offers a never-to-be-forgotten fabulous view of Lake Vesnebolog!

The “Vesnebolog” Recreation Center has its own farmstead; that’s why we feel confident about the purity and freshness of products used for cooking.

We are all set for hosting weddings, corporate parties and seminars! During off-the-clock hours, when there are no events scheduled, we also organize festive disco parties and competitions!

Our Own
Cuisine and Desserts

3-time meals are available

for all center guests for 16 euros/day

An Actual Russian Banya

The pulling power and medicinal properties of Russian baths are well-established. The Russian Banya uses intense heat to work its magic, and a birch broom, an attribute of any Russian bath house, massages the flushed body. It’s no wonder that after these scorching bathing sessions Russians dive right into the bodies of water. The configuration of the bathing houses has remained unchanged for centuries, and it remains so to this day. The concept remained, but the implementation is changing.

The camp’s bath house is located on the lake shore with life-giving, clearest water, where a comfortable descent is installed and supplied with soft water from the lake. The configuration of the bath house has inherited the ancient traditions coupled with amenities of modern life. Banya’s stove emanates pure, scent-laden steam, which has a cleansing effect on the lungs.

Shower stalls, locker rooms, a great hall for leisure with real oak furniture and an overhead stained glass panel, as well as a chance to order your favorite drinks - everything is designed with the guests’ wellness and relaxation in mind.

20 Meters from the Lake
Separate Changing Rooms
Shower Room
Spacious Common Room

Cost of Visiting

3 hours (up to 6 people)

70 €

More than 6 people

10 € / 1 person

More than 3 hours

20 € / hour

On-Site Parking

We are pleased to inform you that in addition to a campsite, the “Vesnebolog” Recreation Center also offers a free guarded parking space located next to the hotel. The site is laid out with crushed stones and is big enough to fit in not only the hotel's residents but also their guests. Be sure that in case of a mass event, there will be no problems with car accommodation.

Close to the Hotel
Security 24/7
Absolutely Free

Children’s Playground

We had the foresight to build a children's sports complex on the premises of our center complete with a trampoline, a swimming pool and sports grounds. Also for your and your children's entertainment a model of the Black Pearl ship has been set up. Firing cannons, the ship’s bell, the wheel, and the captain's bridge - all done in an effort to make your kids feel like real pirates!

On-Site Beach

The “Vesnebolog” Recreation Center has a beautiful beach reserved for our visitors! Located next to the beach there is a volleyball sports ground and a summer cafe.

Clean, thanks to numerous underwater springs, Lake Vesnebolog is perfectly suitable for swimming and has amazing healing properties.

Tours Offered by the “Vesnebolog”

Vesnebolog Relaxing Vacation

Fisherman’s Paradise

Fishing and Resting
on the Lake

Vesnebolog is a lake with islands in the Shchukinsky volost of the Pustoshkinsky district of the Pskov region, surrounded by a multitude of historical monuments. It is believed that the lake’s life-giving water for many long years has been absorbing a sincere whisper of prayers and committing to memory the soul purity of those people who without fail came to the lake shore looking for peace. Later people discovered that Vesnebolog actually responded to the thoughts of his “visitors” as if he were a living being and fulfilled their desires. So people began to wish for what they desired most and tie a ribbon to the tree branches on the island, located right in the middle of the lake.

Lake Vesnebolog covers an area of 3.4, swarming with various types of fish - a true fisherman’s paradise! This is one of the few ones that managed to stay environmentally-friendly far from the civilization. There is a large number of underwater springs in the lake, and, according to research, water in this lake has healing restorative properties for the human body and it enhances vitality.

Fishing Gear
& Cook

If you are not a fisherman, but you really want to try or learn, then

you can go fishing under the capable guidance
of seasoned professionals who work at the center

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Vesnebolog Relaxing Vacation